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    West Midlands Baseball League

    The West Midlands Baseball League was formed in 2019, with a vision to make baseball more accessible to a greater number of people within the Midlands, beginning with the 3 founding clubs; Stourbridge, Wolverhampton and Worcester.

    From small acorns, mighty oaks can grow, and in 2020 we welcomed a brand new team from Telford into the fold. Telford competed well and even secured the league title in their debut season.

    2021 offers more expansion, as we welcome 3 new teams; Birmingham Metalheads, Leicester Blue Sox and Long Eaton Storm. 

    In 2022 a further expansion of the league welcomes the Clifton Pirates.

    The 2023 season sees Birmingham put forward a second team, the Bats. We also welcome a new club entering the WMBL; Stockton Grizzlies.

    The 2023 season will be spit, East and West. East division containing; Birmingham Bats, Birmingham Metalheads, Leicester Blue Sox and Long Eaton Storm. The west division contains; Stockton Grizzlies, Stourbridge Titans, Telford Giants, Wolverhampton Wolves and Worcester Sorcerers.

    2024 will see the league split in to two divisions again; east and west.

    The east division will contain 4 teams; Birmingham Metalheads, Leicester Blue Sox, Long Eaton Storm 2 and the Stockton Grizzlies.

    The west division will contain 5 teams; Birmingham Bats, Stourbridge Titans, Telford Giants, Wolverhampton Wolves and the Worcester Sorcerers.

    The top 2 from each division will advance to the postseason, starting September 8th.

    If you are interested in taking part, take a look our club pages where you can find contact details for your local team.